ParkOffice – A walk through the park of Interiorworks


  • 930 m²

  • 12 weeks

An organic work environment where one can experience the outdoors while being indoors. A perfect mingle of work, leisure and holiday in a sustainable business environment.
Tétris created the ‘ParkOffice’ for Interiorworks inspired by the Central Park in New York. The new interior is created in the new BREEAM building in Amsterdam-Noord that is WELL certified and has a CO2 neutral energy system supported by rooftop solar panels and heat pumps for heat recovery and floor cooling in Summer. Leer más

The indoor climate improves the office every single day and night because of the abundant presence of indoor plants and trees. The greenery also creates a perfect balance between hydration and oxygen in this healthy space. A huge herbal indoor garden is being used to prepare a healthy lunch menu.

All joinery works were made from regained wood and other materials. Partitioning and glass panels are all made from recycled materials. Only the curved glass corners are new as they were relevant for the organic layout. Furthermore a green (planted) rooftop, a sports field and a rainwater reservoir for toilet flushing contribute to the health of the employees.
Even at night special lighting from regained energy shines on special plants that clean the indoor climate. In Wintertime an indoor terrace including a woodstove adds a cozy feeling.

6 months after opening the number of sick-leave employees had diminished by 59 percent!

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