Sustainability Code

Tétris Sustainability Code streamlines the way we set and monitor sustainability goals for our projects.

This signature tool defines ambitions for every aspect of sustainability – including environmental and people factors – while delivering the right design DNA for your company.

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Focus Areas

The Tétris Sustainability Code advises how sustainability considerations can be embedded
at each of the design and build stages to maximise value around eleven essential dimensions :



Underpin all our works with an innovation-oriented mindset in order to drive change.


Lights that minimise disruption on body circadian system, enhance productivity and provide proper visual acuity.


Healthy materials with a sustainable supply chain including certified and environmentally friendly options.


Clean and healthy water, including quality treatment and promotion of hydration within spaces.


Furniture selection that considers circularity, with a focus on how ergonomics affect physical and mental stress.


A distraction-free, comfortable indoor environment where comfort is prioritised in all its forms.


Optimal indoor air quality to support the health and wellbeing of the space occupants.


Elements of greenery and nature improve self reported well-being, productivity and creativity, and support an active and healthy lifestyle.



Considering how waste is managed, identifying which reporting systems and controls are put in place to minimise impact.

Supply Chain

Ensuring that the impacts of purchases are minimised and they make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Site Setup

Considering how build projects are set up and managed in order to make them sustainable.

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A scorecard for a fast, focussed assessment of your project

Our briefing and assessment tools turbocharge the work of analysing a project’s sustainability potential. We create an online dashboard for your project’s performance, making it easy to monitor progress and see opportunities to improve by translating your ESG goals into tangible actions.

We want every project to achieve its full potential for positive impact. That’s why our sustainability tools are designed to work in all scenarios - regardless of scale, budget or location. Because sustainability is the right thing to do for people and our planet.

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