Fit-out services

Making your design vision
a reality

The right fit-out company understands your vision and manifests your design as a built environment.

Translating design concepts into reality is complex. Your fit-out company is pivotal in delivering a quality project outcome on time and in budget.

We're engaged from the very start of design for an efficient transition to the construction site. Our engineers, project managers and construction managers work with local networks of trusted subcontractors, tapping into our diverse experience to build a space that meets your exacting standards.

Finding the right fit-out company means gaining a partner in your business transformation - one who crafts a space truly tailored to your evolving workforce needs.

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Fit-out works that deliver quality spaces

Our comprehensive build services bring your ideas to life, whether you have a completed design or are looking for a full-service fit-out. Our project managers liaise with design and construction teams for efficient workflows, and oversee every build procedure to ensure strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

To support your sustainability goals, our on-site teams follow our Sustainability Code for best practices in waste management and site conditions.

Crafting a space that embodies your design vision takes care, precision and skilled management. Our build services can help.

Cat B fit-out services

Our full-service Cat B fit-outs transform empty spaces into incredible environments complete with all the furniture, fittings and equipment you need.

Cat A fit-out services

We specialise in Cat A fit-outs that prepare your building's core elements to ensure a perfect canvas for future tenants.

Expert refurbishment solutions

We reimagine your space to improve efficiency and sustainability. Our expertise in user experience delivers unparalled business environments.

Effective building upgrades

We improve building performance with strategic upgrades to infrastructure and space design, focused on meeting today's tenant needs.

Why our fit-out services stand out

  • Quality and transparency: We prioritise quality and project governance through strict protocols to ensure your projects meet exacting standards
  • Single point of contact: We simplify communication and coordination, ensuring consistency and peace of mind
  • Sustainable waste management: We support your sustainablity goals in our on-site practices
  • Health and safety excellence: We apply our rigorous approach to ensuring safety standards are met across our sites
  • Technical coordination: We use the latest technology to streamline your project

Explore our fit-out services

Contemporary office fit-out services

We provide state-of-the-art office fit-out services that modernise workspaces to foster innovation, wellbeing and productivity.

Essential hotel fit-out services

We fit-out hotels of all styles and sizes, creating modern interiors that deliver timeless design and comfort to every guest.

Stylish retail fit-out services

Our retail fit-outs elevate the shopping experience and create inviting spaces that boost brand identity and customer engagement.

EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide


Our EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide is a powerful tool to better understand the real cost of fitting out office space across the EMEA region, as well as the trends impacting fit-out costs across 25 different EMEA markets.

Research | 2024

Tétris did a great job did with the space. The finish work was near flawless!
Hats off to you and the team for it.

Steeve Barnett

COO, QuadReal

Tétris were unbelievable with this project. The team turned a vision into reality in a very tight time frame and on an even tighter budget... It must be noted that this project was completed during the end-of-year period where it is extremely difficult to get suppliers, builders and contractors to deliver...

Mike Schultz

General Manager Procurement and Production, LexisNexis

Our build services translate your design vision into reality

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