EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide 2021/22


Our EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide acts as an index for the cost of fitting out office space in diverse EMEA markets, offering a holistic picture of how fit-out decisions can affect your bottom line.

Office designs are evolving in the wake of the pandemic, and new priorities for post-pandemic office designs will have a significant impact on costs. This report identifies the three most important post-pandemic design trends; hybrid work and a partially remote workforce; a renewed focus on wellness and sustainability; and increased technology requirements and we explore how each one will impact office fit-out costs in 2022.

Our EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide 2021/22, an extensive research effort collected by JLL and Tétris subject matter experts, empowers you with the data and intelligence and provides an idea of what you would expect to pay for a typical office fit-out in the EMEA region, while taking into account local practices and pricing by benchmarking a leading corporate standard of the fit-out.

Highlights from the report


The average percentage of cost attributed to construction work in a fit-out


The average cost per square metre for fit-outs across EMEA


Are the most expensive cities for office fit-outs across EMEA


The year-on-year increase in the average fit-out cost

Particularly during this challenging time, knowing and understanding trends and opportunities can make all the difference when it comes to costs. With our latest Fit-out Costs Guide, we hope to provide you with valuable guidance and the most up to date fit-out costs to help you prepare as you plan your capital spend for 2022 and beyond.

Victoria Shreeves

EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide

Research | November 2021


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