Manage your hotel project from start to finish with FF&E

Our priorities are to simplify the organization of your project by minimizing the number of people involved so that you can concentrate on the essentials and reduce your mental workload to a minimum.

With our entrepreneurial DNA and our furniture expertise, we have developed an FF&E solution that is part of a global turnkey offer.

As key elements of an artistic and aesthetic concept imagined by the Interior Designer, the FF&E package contributes greatly to the appreciation of your object by your customers, particularly through the quality of their execution.

The first visible and tangible elements for clients during their stay and yet the last link in the execution chain, FF&E are rarely considered as a work package in their own right.

We are convinced of the need to consider them as such, in order to anticipate the architectural and technical interfaces as early as possible, to perpetuate your budget without altering the artistic intention of the decorator and finally to optimize your general planning thanks to a better synergy between the various work packages.

Thanks to the richness of a multidisciplinary and entirely dedicated team, we are at your disposal to meet your needs according to the rules of the art and to build together the most adapted offer, up to your ambitions.

FF&E Hotels & Hospitality
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