Construction works for a luxury street store


  • 700 sqm

  • 19 weeks

In the first Prada megastore in Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade was of course the place chosen by the brand for its location, which is settled in one of the most beautiful buildings on the avenue. A space of about 700 m², with the construction work being completed within 19 weeks, combining the classic features of the luxury brand stores with an innovative collection museum. Customers can find men's and women's collections, with special emphasis on shoes and handbags.
It was taken into account the historical character of the building, maintaining the marble columns that previously existed in the structure. Following the guidelines of the brand itself around the world, the floor was covered with gray carpeting, the walls were lined with mirrors and metal and glass shelves were placed. A store with three distinct entrances, one with access to the ladies collection area, another to the man’s collection and the last one to the beauty area, make-up and perfumes area. Read more


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