Fit-out Cost Guide 2024


The EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide serves as a comprehensive index, providing insights into the cost of fitting out office space in 25 diverse markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It offers a holistic perspective on how fit-out decisions can impact your bottom line.

In today's evolving work landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to reassess their physical workspaces and create engaging environments for employees adapting to hybrid work. The guide explores the key factors that drive design requirements and costs in EMEA fit-outs, including hybrid workplace needs, human experience, sustainability, and technology.

Our EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide 2024 combines the efforts of our extensive network of workplace designers, cost and project managers at our parent company, JLL and here at Tétris. We provide directly comparable costs by benchmarking the same fit-out across 25 markets, taking into account local market practices. Our proprietary cost matrix offers benchmarks for three office styles and three levels of design quality, reflecting the changing trends in office design.

With the most up-to-date insights, the newly released guide equips you with valuable guidance and the latest fit-out costs to support your capital planning for 2024 and beyond. Please get in touch for additional support, including insights, market information, or any other design or fit-out advice you may need.

Ruth Hynes
Victoria Shreeves
David Rea

EMEA Fit-Out Cost Guide

Research | 2024

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