Designed to foster a culture of creating a greener future

Omnia Holdings

  • 4400 sqm

  • 6 months

Omnia Holdings manufactures and supplies chemicals and specialized services and solutions for the agriculture, mining, and chemicals application industries. Its core purpose is to enhance life and collectively create a greener future.

The brief was to create a welcoming return-to-the-office work environment that brings together three different companies consolidated into one building with a common link throughout the space, reflecting the holding companies' heritage and core values. Read more

The concept for the design was to use the products and environments that are fundamental to Omnia's business as stimuli for the color palette and materials used throughout the building. Focusing on the four key elements of nature that are vital to a greener future: earth, plants, water, and air. Each floor, beyond the triple-volume reception, is united by common themes and base colors, with divisional identity kept through distinct colors linked to each division's location in the building.

Connection to nature is enhanced through plant motifs in carpets and wallpapers, with soft scalloped tiles and screens echoing organic shapes in breakout and refreshment areas. The ground floor offers meeting spaces, training facilities, and a large canteen for group activities, while on each floor, there are various types of workspaces and meeting rooms designed to promote connectivity and collaboration, which are the cornerstones of innovation.

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