Renovation of a head office inspired by social and cultural diversity

Alliade Habitat

  • 8000 sqm

  • 3 years

Alliade Habitat, an Action Logement subsidiary, launched the Allex project in 2019, consisting of the renovation of their headquarters on Avenue Jean-Jaurès in the 7th arrondissement mixing renovation and extension thanks to a close collaboration between the Tétris, Engineering and AMO teams of JLL.

A first phase of work, carried out by Tétris in 2020, led to the deployment of the concept throughout the building. This is how Tétris was able to support Alliade until the official inauguration in December 2022.
The world of urban housing, which marks Alliade's activity, is strongly represented in this project. It reflects the issue of belonging to a community, social mix and cultures. The local dimension was also important to establish the project geographically.
This is why we decided to mark each floor according to a well-defined universe of a district of Lyon (for example the bohemian district of the Croix Rousse at the R+4 or the active district of Part Dieu at the R+8) whose conviviality spaces, distinct on each level, are the starting point. Read more

This project demonstrates the importance of a strong concept, revealing the brand image of a company within its work spaces.

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