Sustainable office for JLL and Tétris in Casablanca


  • 240 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 12 workplaces

Tétris and JLL wanted to provide their employees with a pleasant working environment while adopting a sustainable approach to the design and operation of the premises.

Client testimonial

Our need was to create an optimised open space using the Flex Desk principle while providing several meeting rooms of different sizes for employees to meet.
Tétris helped us to create a pleasant and user-friendly workspace. The use of high and adjustable tables allows people to alternate between standing and sitting and therefore stay focused longer.
In addition, the use of a glass façade has allowed for natural lighting and visual comfort.
It is an optimised, comfortable and user-friendly workspace.

Anass Elboujannani

Senior Project Manager at JLL

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