Tétris fits out Symbio’s new world headquarters


  • 8000 sqm

  • 20 months

  • 450 workplaces

Symbio wants to create the world's first reference center for hydrogen fuel cells, for zero-emission hydrogen mobility.

The SymphonHy project was therefore born in the heart of Lyon's Chemical Valley. It's a headquarters, a factory and an innovative research and development center all rolled into one. As an emblem of the energy transition, there was a major image challenge.

We helped them design their world headquarters, creating a customized layout in line with their business activities and reflecting the growing emulation of their teams. This was a 100% Tetris Design & Build & Furniture project.

Client testimonial

As a Tertiary Building Project Manager at Symbio, my job was to assure the fit-up and the furnishing of our future tertiary spaces. This project of a new site was one of my first experiences in the matter and we choose Tétris to realize it.

Personally, I appreciated a lot working with Tétris on that subject. The team gave a real support mixing advices and expertise in the spaces conception, in the choice of the furniture as well as during the works. This allowed me to carry out the project while learning many things by their side.

Concerning Symbio, this new site was a challenge. It is the first site of the company to be built. The goal was to regroup all teams, administrative as well as technical. So the site includes the Heaquarters but also the Innovation center and the Operation center...

Caroline FAURIE

Tertiary Building Project Manager

Symbio is a company who is fast growing and so perpetually moving. So there are a lot of changes and we expect a great flexibility from those who work with us.

Tétris managed to follow our changes as they appeared, to adapt to our sometimes very tight schedule as well as our constraints linked to an industrial environment unusual for them. The team came forward until the end and contributed to the satisfaction of the collaborators since they moved in.

A big thank-you to the whole team !

Caroline FAURIE

Tertiary Building Project Manager

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