A hotel with a modern industrial look in St. Gallen

B&B hotels

  • 2400 sqm

  • 24 months

  • 104 keys

B&B Hotels entrusted us with the design of the rooms and lobbies of their new hotel in St. Gallen with the objective of giving a new identity to its common areas by introducing the spirit of the 3rd place and creating environments with a modern and industrial look.
We assisted B&B in the design, construction and FF&E selection phases.
As St Gallen hosts an annual OpenAir festival, music inspired one side of the lobby with a piano lounge area near the fireplace and a guinguet area overlooking the interior patio, reminiscent of summer evenings.
A wall decorated with old original festival posters, the oldest dating back to 1977, is a nod to all OpenAir fans who can find their favourite bands here.
The second half of the lobby is furnished with large communal tables, sofa areas and small individual tables, inviting visitors to sit alone or with their families.
The cheerful colours and the variety of furniture bring warmth and comfort in a very industrial spirit.
In this 800 sqm lobby, the floor finishes of different patterns and textures define the various spaces. Read more

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