Caisse Nationale de Santé

Design and build of new offices for the CNS

  • 1060 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 74 workplaces

Tétris provided the Caisse Nationale de Santé with workplace consultancy, design services and works in the frame of a office project for 70 employees

One of the most challenging aspects of the proposal was the need to infuse an environment that promoted collaboration and changed their way of working from closed office to shared space.
The project involved workplace strategy workshops, integrate an innovative design, functional furniture and installing employees in small teams shared open space using colors and soft materials to create different spaces, such as meeting rooms, phone booths and informal meeting areas.

One of the main features of the project is the quality of open spaces. This space bathed in natural light represents the very essence of CNS.

The concept of this timeless and powerful project was born from an inspiration of the living and colorful paintings from Matisse, the painter of happiness.


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