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  • 3500 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 400 workplaces

LaLiga is playing in a new field based on a space that reflects who they are.

It is an important milestone for the organization and the clubs and for the 583 employees who work in it, essentially young people focused on technology and audiovisual production. That's why offices evolve into a new space where professionals can continue to progress.

The new offices respond to a new vision and a way of working. Offices that adapt to the growth of the company where open spaces prevail, absence of offices, common meeting areas, grandstand areas for talks and presentations... where design and storytelling takes center stage thanks to Interbrand's strategic and design support. The uniqueness of LaLiga new stadium lies in each of its floors as they reflect a theme that tells its story floor by floor: the fans, values, legends, stadiums and champions. Read more

In this new field a crucial role in telling this story was played by the furniture, which stands out for its creative, fun and versatile character, with the support of our furniture solutions team from the beginning of the project.

A new work environment that reflects the company's growth both locally and internationally.

Tétris has reflected these new constructive and distribution needs by combining operability and a new style in the Madrid and Barcelona offices.

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