New headquarters for technology company


  • 1000 sqm

  • 5 months

  • 130 workplaces

Lenovo needed to open a new HQ in Madrid to bring together its more than 130 employees, who so far was distributed in two different offices.

The location chosen for the new space was the first floor of the Oxxeo building, where the technology company has 1,027 sqm. The design and construction project stands out for developing a dynamic and innovative office concept, in line with Lenovo's corporate values.

We find a large open space in which the workstations are separated by biophilic screens built with metal wires and plants sliding through them. In this project are also included some other natural elements like trees and freeze-dried plants on the collaborative tables or the logo located in the Agora. Read more

The facilities also include a demonstration room where visitors can try out the brand's latest products.

In addition, several elements have been arranged around the office to facilitate employee concentration and productivity. In the call area, acoustic panels have been used to control noise and separate the spaces with an innovative design made up with triangles that give a wink to the building shape. Two glass boxes with acoustic curtains have been installed to host meetings. The office also has three small prefabricated meeting rooms for more private telephone calls which can be dismantled to free up the space. Several pieces of furniture were reused from their previous office, however our furniture solutions team developed a bespoke plan to create the ideal space for each area through the furniture.

The colours used in the design have been mostly neutral and have been aligned with Lenovo's branding.



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