Scandinavian-designed offices, new customer reception and private banking area

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

  • 800 sqm

  • 7 mois

  • 57 workplaces

The SEB project in the Royal Park building, ideally located in the center of Luxembourg, was a collaboration between our team and the Swedish-based SEB designer to develop a new client and private banking space.

As the tenant representative, our mission began with validating the choice of the building in collaboration with JLL. We also played a key role in helping the SEB designer understand and incorporate local constraints, both technical and regulatory, leveraging our local expertise.

Despite the building being technically new, it was constructed on an existing structure, which posed challenges during the project's layout. We had to consider the constraints related to an environment still under construction for the common areas, as well as limitations in terms of floor and ceiling space.

For SEB, it is essential that every office, regardless of its location, offers a similar experience and represents its values and identity. Therefore, we paid special attention to every detail and carefully selected materials to meet the highest quality standards.

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