Faster, cost-effective, and efficient: the benefits of a turnkey fit-out


When planning an interior design project, companies typically work with a design firm whose proposal is put up for tender then contracted to a particular construction firm. While this traditional model has worked in the past, the process of going to tender can take a month or more, and inefficient communication between contractors from different companies can result in delays and extended project timelines.

In contrast, design and build specialists can offer turnkey services where a single team takes care of the entire fit-out process, rendering the bid and tender phase redundant and consolidating project design, financing, procuring, sub-contracting and construction into an all-in-one solution.

Choosing a turnkey fit-out gets your space ready faster, and it benefits the entire design and build process too. Here’s how:

Romano Cecca, Italy

A seamless, speedy fit-out

The biggest benefit of a turnkey approach is the seamless communication between design and build teams. “Our design and build teams work alongside each other from a very early stage in the project,” says Julio Oloriz, Head of Design at Tétris Spain. This ensures build factors are considered in the design stage and enables multiple phases to be tackled at the same time, shortening project timelines. Take our fit-out for Autodesk, which needed its London headquarters completed within an aggressive timescale. The fact that our design and build teams could communicate so easily across international offices on Revit and BIM Collaborate Pro was the clincher for us to deliver this ambitious project on deadline.

Enhanced collaboration

The easy communication between design and build teams facilitates collaboration that is vital for translating design into functioning reality. “The lines of communication remain open throughout the fit-out process,” says Tony Springall, Head of Build at Tétris UK. “If changes need to be made because something isn’t working during construction, we can go back to the designers and work with them to resolve the issue.”

​​For the Autodesk headquarters, for example, the brief was for a truly unique space, inspired by London’s most iconic neighbourhoods. It was crucial that the design and build teams worked hand in hand to create and execute this detailed vision, and communication was the key to tackling issues, reducing rework and ensuring client satisfaction.

Autodesk, United Kingdom

Reduced risk

Having a single team in charge of your fit-out eliminates inconsistencies between design and build stages, and reduces the risk of miscommunication or non-compliance with regulations because there is just one entity in charge of all project information. That also means you have a single team accountable for the scheduling, costs and performance of the project, ensuring you’ll be satisfied that the end result matches up to the brief.

Regus, Italy

Price certainty

The holistic approach offered by turnkey services means you get a full project quote with clarity on all costs. Project teams understand the entire design and build process, enabling informed, accurate cost estimates and spaces that can be created exactly to your budget. And because the construction team is involved from the design phase, there is a reduced chance of issues that cause rework, in turn reducing cost overruns and saving you money.

Peace of mind

Ultimately, the turnkey approach delivers peace of mind. A team that oversees your whole fit out is able to provide constant updates on project status, while you have just one port of call for questions and check-ins, saving time and effort. The all-in-one turnkey service also provides cost transparency, consistent working processes and the assurance that every aspect of your project is taken care of, from design to build and beyond.

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