A unique place in the heart of Karpacz

Tremonti Ski & Bike Resort

  • 7000 sqm

  • 124 keys

In 2021, Tétris completed the finishing work on the Tremonti Ski & Bike Resort. The property is located in the heart of Karpacz, and the flats overlook the three highest peaks of the Giant Mountains: Skalny Stole, Śnieżka and Kopa - a fact highlighted in the property's name. Inspired by local traditions and Alpine resorts, it blends perfectly with the surrounding nature. The entire complex consists of four new and two historic buildings from the turn of the 20th century. It features 127 highly diversified flats, a spa area, a restaurant and bars, including a seasonal outdoor bar. The architectural design for the developer Spectrum Development was prepared by the Q2Studio studio.

Tétris experts were responsible for the fit-out of rooms, lobbies, reception and restaurant areas and elements in the SPA on a total area of approximately 7,000 sqm. The challenge on the Tremonti Ski & Bike Resort project was logistics. Tétris is known for its extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers, which ensures the smooth execution of activities. Working in Karpacz was an opportunity for the project team to reach out to new companies that were simply closer, which allowed us to maintain good organization. As a result, the list of Tétris' subcontractors expanded further and the project benefited from the localisation of the materials used. Read more

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