Modern hotel in the heart of Warsaw


  • 19000 sqm

The scope of work included the renovation of rooms and corridors, i.e. removing the previous arrangement and fit-out of the new space, along with the replacement of parts of the installation.

The project was very difficult because it was carried out at the operating facility. Schedules of individual works were written with accuracy up to one hour. Thanks to the optimization of schedules by Tétris, InterContnental Warsaw has managed to shorten the duration of a single floor by two days. When translated into 13 floors, this means substantial savings for the investor.

The challenge while renovating existing facilities is to make sure that the guests won't be aware of the renovation. Noisy noises and dirt would lower the hotel's attractiveness. The solution used at InterContnental Warszawa was to use one floor as a "buffer zone".

Client testimonial

This kind of renovation project had to be made by a company that knows how to rebuild hotels. My previous experiences with the contractors were very bad. Now I'm delighted.

Tomasz Beliniak

Technical Director of InterContinental Warsaw

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