A Workspace to Encourage Collaboration and Creativity


  • 800 sqm

  • 6 months

Devoteam has ambitious growth plans. Seizing this opportunity, the company aims to create a workspace that aligns optimally with hybrid working and reflects its identity.

Upon entering the office, you are embraced by an intimate space with a luxurious (day)club feel, featuring marble and copper details. Eye catching customized lighting guides you from the entrance into the agile section, where colleagues come and go. There are numerous different work spots available for individual or collaborative work. The agile zone seamlessly flows into the second zone, which emphasizes coming together and collaboration. Here, you can find formal, informal, and digital meeting rooms. Read more

"Through collaboration, boundless possibilities arise." - Dylan Demmers

Towards the back of the building, you'll find the 'residents.' This area is designed for tranquility, serenity, and concentration. To harmoniously blend these three zones, rounded shapes, based on the logo have been chosen, revealing surprising elements as you walk through the office.

Together, we collaborated and shared our visions for the new office to create a space that beautifully reflects Devoteam's identity. Together we created their future.

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