Bayer’s new Polder office in Hoofddorp


  • 2100 sqm

  • 35 weeks

  • 110 workplaces

Bayer recently opened a new office in Hoofddorp, combining the offices in Mijdrecht and Amsterdam into one location. The main goal was to create a more diverse and inviting workplace, focused on fostering collaboration. This is clearly reflected in the design, which takes inspiration from the local Dutch polder landscape and embodies diversity, cross-pollination, and nature.

"The Polder" is more than just an office space; it is a vibrant place where different business lines and colleagues come together for valuable cross-pollination. Each polder has its own unique atmosphere and characteristics, represented by different colors. Read more

Sustainability and innovation are the driving forces behind the design of the new Bayer home. The use of sustainable materials is integrated throughout the design, but it goes beyond that. When furnishing the leased space and the building, attention was also given to the reuse of existing elements, seamlessly integrated into the innovative design.

The new office meets modern standards for a workplace and is tailored to the needs of Bayer's employees. Throughout the entire project, Bayer closely collaborated with various teams from JLL and Tétris. Now, several months after the opening, Bayer proudly enjoys their new home.

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