Cozy and homey place for Canliving


  • 750 sqm

  • 12 weeks

Tétris has realized a new interior design and the  construction of it for Canliving. Canliving oprates in the home rental market and therefore wished to have a cozy and homely interior with an open accessible atmosphere. As a starting point a wooden floor was chosen. The taupe coloured wall painting gives a warm atmosphere. The brass lamps and the light leather that has been applied to the customized seating elements give the interior that little bit extra luxury. Read more

The wish was also to introduce more greenery into the interior. Plants have therefore been placed at strategic points as a colourful element and to create privacy in the layout plan that has been carefully thought out to every centimeter.

Many different functions have been created on a limited number of sq.m.. The staff's wish was to stay at the current central location in Amsterdam. Creative solutions were sought to design all functions within the number of sq.m.. For example the cubicles that have been designed to form private workspaces by means of a green partition and a small sofa. The feeling of privacy and intimacy is guaranteed in this way.


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