New headquarters


  • 4500 sqm

  • 4 months

  • 350 workplaces

The new Warsaw headquarters of Avon brings together all the offices which until now were scattered all over Warsaw. This undertaking is the implementation of "One place, one Avon" concept, which aims to integrate the company and its employees. The Tétris design team was asked to add decorative elements to the design. As a result the office gained a main theme, a circle. The office is decorated with colorful round acoustic panels and mirrors. Decorative lighting fixtures often have a spherical form and harmonize well with stability balls. The dressing tables with cosmetics exhibition added by our architects include three round mirrors which is acontinuation of the main theme. Circles and wheels also appear on glazing. A lot of greenery was introduced into the office. The result is an office space which is spacious and elegant.

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