The future of workplace


  • 6000 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 650 workplaces

We delivered the new office of EY, spred on five floors of the A-Class building - Rondo 1 in Warsaw.

The refurbishment was conduced in the working office, where each floor accounted for 150-200 employees. We worked in wxpress pace. Each EY consultant knew exactly when and for how long they would have to leave their desk.

The project was completed in six months. The schedule was planned in every detail, taking into account even the time of dressing the Christmas tree for the holidays in the new office. Throughout the whole process the reconstruction stages were overlaping to assure continuity. Such pace and quality of work was possible due to the integrated management of the entire process - from analysis of architectural design, agreement with the manager of the building and the client while and taking into account current legislation and health and safety regulations, up to the execution of all works and timely delivery of the project to the client. Read more


Client testimonial

Thanks to the Workplace of the Future, we now have a variety of work stations, combining technology with modern arrangements of open and clear space. An innovative approach allows us now to take advantage of an office in a better way, tailored to our needs.

Monika Starecka - Director of Operations

EY, Warszawa

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