Raw and soft design for RHI Magnesita

RHI Magnesita

  • 1240 sqm

  • 12 weeks

For the operational headquarters of RHI Magnesita a new interior design has been created where raw and soft materials, shapes and elements are well balanced. RHI Magnesita produces refractory (semi-final) products that are used in all industrial processes, such as the steel, energy, glass and chemical industries, where high temperatures are involved.

As a starting point for the design the core and shell and installations of the building are left in plain sight. This reflects the raw industrial side of RHI Magnesita's business. In addition, soft materials have been added in the design to create a strong contrast to the strict architectural lines of the building itself. Copper, steel, cement and concrete are incorporated in the choice of materials to emphasize the raw design. Softness in the design is emphasized by adding acoustic fabric elements, carpets and organic shaped furniture. Due to the architectural lines of the building, the layout is quite sleek. Workstations are alternated with playfully designed elements consisting of seats, greenery and storage. A beautiful design where raw and soft design meet. Read more


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