Transport yourself into the galaxy with a Dutch ‘Kroket’


  • 450 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 30 workplaces

Enter a world where innovation meets comfort and where the client’s needs are our highest priority. We have created an extraordinary space that revolutionizes the work experience – Let's eat a Dutch 'Kroket' on Mars!

In collaboration with Deliverect, a rapidly flourishing software company known for seamlessly connecting digital food orders to restaurants, we have established a new destination that reflects their mission. Inspired by their catchy slogan, 'We bring a burger to the moon,' our goal was to exceed expectations and design an exceptional office space. Read more

The office, located next to Amersfoort’s train station, is situated on an upper floor bathed in natural light, and the entry offers a breathtaking view of the city. From the moment you arrive at the rocket landing- inspired reception, you are welcomed by the welcoming host offering you a fresh cup of coffee - the perfect start of an extraordinary experience.

Take the opportunity to unwind in the cozy lounge, or explore various interactive spaces such as the meeting rooms, workspaces, the experience center, the breakout room, or the beautiful outdoor terrace. We understand the need for quiet focus, therefore the workspace offers the flexibility to close off spaces with sliding walls, ensuring excellent acoustic comfort.

To enhance productivity and foster a sense of speed, a visionary concept is created featuring slanting lines, which create a tunnel-like effect. This design element extends to the floor, where a playfield unfolds, naturally separating the work and walk areas. Workstations are strategically placed to support this tunnel vision, boosting efficiency and collaboration.

Color plays a vital role in the design of this extraordinary office space. Guided by the psychology of color, we have carefully selected shades that stimulate productivity and energize employees. Meeting rooms, suited for concentrated work, are painted with shades of blue, while active spaces come alive in vibrant yellow and orange tones. The outcome is a visually stimulating explosion of color, creating a playful and inspiring environment.

But it doesn't end there! Recognizing the value of employee well-being, our office caters to the need for relaxation and fun. Whether it's Friday or any other day, our facilities are ready for parties, game nights, a sun-soaked outdoor terrace for relaxation, and most of all: a treat that transports you to the heart of Dutch culture – a fresh Dutch 'Kroket'!

Deliverect doesn't simply send burgers to the moon; they bring the essence of Dutch culture to their own employees with their very own Febo-wall!

Step into an environment that combines innovation, comfort, and a dash of Dutch delight. This project represents an initiative that not only inspires but elevates your work experience and infuses it with joy. Embrace the future and indulge in a Dutch 'Kroket' on Mars!

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