An office of representation with a modern and functional design

Technology Company

  • 800 sqm

  • 5 months

  • 30 workplaces

For the Italian headquarters of an international technology company in the electronics field, located in an industrial area on the outskirts of Milan, we have developed a project to meet the company's need for a more transparent, permeable, and open work environment.

The company wanted to enhance its image in the Italian market by renovating its workspace and introducing a more modern, functional, and flexible layout, while maintaining a clean and linear aesthetic in the choice of finishes and colors. The challenge was to combine the requirements of the local office with the corporate guidelines of the company, while respecting the timeline and budget.

Based on this request, we developed the design of the new offices, giving the space an industrial feel that reflects the technological nature of the company. The environment is characterized by exposed installations screened by a metal grid.

Photo: Davide Galli

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