Brand, digital, and sustainability in a workspace promoting innovation and creativity

Haier Europe

  • 5500 sqm

  • 6 months

  • 300 workplaces

Haier Europe, a global leader in the home appliances industry, entrusted us with the project of creating their new European headquarters. The headquarters is located in the Green Building Campus at Energy Park in Vimercate, on the outskirts of Milan, in an environment designed for people, in the heart of the Brianza technology hub, where it is possible to combine work with moments of tranquility, physical activity, and outdoor recreation.

Haier Europe's new headquarters serves as an innovative hub that supports research, technology, and innovation. It is designed to offer a welcoming atmosphere that encourages interaction and the development of professional relationships, allowing people to experience a new way of working and living within office spaces.

In collaboration with JLL's Project & Development Services, Workplace Strategy, and Sales & Solutions Development teams, we have overseen the interior design and completed the renovation works within six months. This ensured compliance with the budget while delivering the project to the required technical and quality standards, adhering to a tight schedule.

In line with the new standards of sustainability and growing expectations of inclusivity, the project aimed to create a workplace capable of supporting the company's significant growth in recent years. The goal was to establish a new working experience centered around a model where corporate culture, spaces, and technologies serve as tools for transitioning towards a new ecosystem. By revolutionizing people's way of working and supporting organizational change, this ecosystem strengthens the company's culture, facilitates hybrid work, encourages healthy and sustainable behaviors, and promotes digital transformation.

Photo: Davide Galli

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