Energy, movement and powerful colors


  • 190 sqm

  • 2 months

  • 12 workplaces

Lenovo, a worldwide company specialized in offering reliable and secure data center solutions & services including a full range of IT products, entrusted Tétris with the design&build project of their office in Milan. A small workplace with a strong visual identity created respecting Lenovo’s international smart design standards which values are health and wellness, technology, collaboration, social connections and innovation. The working environment has been planned with the aim to drive high quality performance and reduce the waste of space, implementing tailor made design solutions to shift from a traditional workplace into a user-centered approach workplace. Since the concept phase of the project, a special attention has been dedicated to wellness themes such as natural light, noise reduction and selection of appropriate material with positive impact on the daily employees’ life. Flexibility, dynamism and energy are the key words at the basis of the design and the space planning realized by Tétris, providing all users a variety of space types to perform individual work, team activities and enjoy community areas to build stronger connections and relations. The space is colored, vivid and bright and reflects Lenovo’s corporate identity, clearly visible in the branded graphic films. Red is the dominating color; the leitmotif is the stripe of carpet uncoiling throughout the space bringing dynamism and guiding visitors towards the meeting area. Here a spacious and flexible meeting room has been projected hosting a visual server room protected by glass partitions. Thanks to the choice of modular furniture solutions the room can be configured for different kind of events and it is possible to welcome a relevant number of people. Open space areas have been located alongside the building perimeter to maximize daylight whilst quiet and dynamic zones have been divided by acoustic and visual separation panels, offering the right level of privacy and creating a pleasant and colorful geometric pattern. Read more

Photography Credits: Davide Galli Atelier

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