7 smart office storage design solutions


In a modern, agile workspace, anything considered clutter has largely been shown the front door. With the evolution of the modern office, piles of industry magazines, filing trays and that communal stapler no longer have pride of place on the office desk. But this doesn’t mean we don’t bring our belongings to work anymore. Tshepiso Lesufi, interior designer at Tétris South Africa, shares some clever office storage ideas.

1.Locker up

In a hot-desk style environment where no one is keeping their things under their desk anymore, a locker provides much-needed storage space. Make sure it is easily accessible and big enough to store everything from a laptop to a bike helmet or daypack. The modern ones can be accessed digitally and some even come with their own USB charging port.

Lockers, Webedia Madrid
Portable caddies, Sony Music Entertainment Africa

2. Tools on the move
Consider supplying your people with their own personal mobile storage for all their work essentials. These lightweight portable caddies can be stored in lockers and removed as required, making any space they happen to be working in their own. There are lockable versions, those big enough to store laptops and files and simpler versions suitable for carrying stationery from A to B.

3. Is it a wall, is it a bookshelf?

The streamlined infrastructure of tomorrow’s workplace has paved the way for multi-purpose, modular furniture. A clever storage solution is to design a portable wall integrated with bookshelves and plants, and possibly even a few lockers, to create partitioning that is both cross-functional and easy on the eye.

Integrated partitions, Glovo Barcelona
Seating storage, Jellyfish Johannesburg

4. Pull up a seat

A mobile pedestal complete with cushion is a handy solution for impromptu discussions in a busy office. A portable storage system that doubles as guest seating is both practical and efficient – no need to book a meeting room.

5. Storage Walls

Perimeter storage is an excellent solution for decluttering a workplace. At the design phase, ensure full-height wall storage is incorporated to fit along the walls in an office to maximise floor space and provide much-needed storage capacity.

Storage walls, Spaces Milan
Integrated storage in pause area, Coca-Cola Spain

6. Pause or engage

When it’s time to take time out, provide furniture that multi-tasks for a variety of ways to relax. For instance, a curved bench seat with a built-in bookshelf and an integrated bar-height table with stools ticks a few boxes. It’s perfect to spend a lunch break with a book, and equally effective for enjoying a cup of coffee with a colleague. Multi-functional pivot spaces are the new go-to in the re-imagined workplace.

7. The stairs have drawers

Staircase storage is an option in offices. Drawers built into the stair risers can even become a statement feature in a design aesthetic.

All these solutions can only be as good as your office practices. A post-COVID-19 work environment and the subsequent infrastructure changes require new habits which need sound change management strategies to encourage new behaviours. With a bit of effort and careful storage consideration, you can cut the clutter and rock your clean desk policy!